Mobile Applications Development

Do you need a Mobile App for your organisation?

When considering the programming languages, frameworks, and SDKs for mobile apps, you have to consider the frontend (UI) development environment but also be aware of the backend (server-side) development environment.

Types of mobile apps

We build different kind of mobile apps. They includes:

  • Native mobile apps are apps that are written in a language that’s natively supported by the device OS vendor. 
  • Cross-platform mobile apps are apps that are written in one language and can run on all the platforms.
  • Mobile web apps are a lightweight paradigm where you open a URL in your device’s browser, but they look and feel like a regular mobile app.
    • Responsive web programming is a style of web site programming where the web site layout organises itself to suit the device’s form factor.
    • Progressive web programming creates progressive web apps that are normal websites that appear like a traditional mobile app when navigated to from a browser on a mobile device.

Technologies used

Software development kits:
iOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows Phone SDK

Development tools:
SQLite, Core Data, Lucene

Benefits of mobie application development with us

Multiple platforms

We’ll help you distribute your mobile app to different multiple platform for users to easily download without stress. This will help boost your online presence and SEO as well.


Competence and professionalism is what defines our quality of work. Let’s get the job done for you today with our group of expertise.


Creativity and innovation is what characterises the modern age tech-companies. We build our mobile app using recent programming skills and development.

Fast & effective development

There are millions of mobile app in the playstore today, but only minute numbers are actually fast and effective. With Web ICTU, you don’t need to worry about this factor. We handle that for you already.

Qualified team

Our team are expert and qualified in what they do.

Over the years, we have completed several projects and all our customers have always testify of our top-notch services and customer support.

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