About Us

Welcome to Web ICTU, The No.1 leading ICT development company in Africa.

What You Need To Know

The acronyms:

I.C.T.U simply means “Information and Communication Technology Unit”. While

WEB stands for “Wireless Ethernet Bridge”. The combination of these two terminology reveals Who we are, What we do, and Our functionalities.



Excited, committed and talented team who are always ready to work with the company clients and customers with absolute integrity and timely-oriented, calculative while getting the job done with effort maximization and quality focused.

Cognisance and motive of delivering clean coded and the new programming languages to meet the demands modern technologies as well as clients satisfaction.

Your testimony is our concern and your success is our utmost priority. Contact us today and let expert help you.


To ensure every company, organisation, business, and individuals has a unique online presence thereby reducing the local competition in the local environ, and to give every business an equal chance of communicating and reaching the world as a global village despite their location and level of financial stability.

To enhance the business growth of our customers with creative Design and Development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients around the world.


To become a prime performer in the global marketplace by providing highly innovative web and mobile app designing, development and internet marketing services that will drive our clients business towards growth. Worldwide reputation is the dream of every company and we want to achieve it through our experience.

We believe every day is an opportunity to further perfect our strategy and spur you on to achieve your organizational goals. Our vision is to make you succeed in yours.


Contact us every time you need our service and we will be happy to attend to you!